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I love documenting things around me...


It all started with those disposable camera when I was in elementary school. I got my first digital camera in 9th grade, one without any screen and only had like 56mb built-in storage. First proper SONY digital camera with all the customizable function you can have in my first year of college. And finally my first entry level Canon DSLR.

I love being a wedding photographer because I can meet new people, hear their stories, and document all the memories and emotions on one of the most import days of their lives. It's all I ever wanted to do as a photographer.

I may not be good with words but I let my pictures tell the story. When you work with me I won't give you much directions. I just let things flow and I document them the way they happen. When you look back to those pictures you will see the memories just how you remembered them. This is how you give the pictures their meanings because they make you want to go back to look at them over and over again.

If you think we are like-minded please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to be a part of the most important day of your lives and help you document those precious memories that you can look back to through the rest of your lives. 

Or, if you just want to talk about everything photography, I'll be right here :)


- Shawn